School and Classroom Support

Moonshot Institute Weekend Workshops

Moonshot Institute Weekend Workshops provide hands on opportunities for educators to learn dynamic ways to inspire and reach all of their students. Workshops feature internationally renowned educators sharing strategies to improve instructional practice and meet the requirements of the 21st century classroom

The 2016-2017 workshop series begins November 5, 2016.  For more information and to register visit

"I’m having so much fun teaching this year . . . instead of feeling like I was pulling teeth or torturing them,

it was like I had given them a gift. . . ."  


School and Classroom Support

Moonshot Summer Institute

The Moonshot Summer Institute is a week-long intensive teacher training designed to provide an immersive, meaningful professional development experience. Participants build units driven by big ideas and powerful essential questions, learn how to integrate the arts into learning and engage students, all while supporting rigorous standards-based instruction. Educators who attend will walk away with strategies to support the higher academic demands required of their students. For more information on Moonshot Summer Institute visit


Ground Level Support

District Collaboration

We continue to develop our partnership with the School District at an unprecedented level. We are co-creating what literacy professional development should look like in Indian River County within the structures of the school day and beyond.  The UP Unit Planning Campaign is an example of this collaboration.

UP Unit Planning Campaign: 

The UP Unit Planning Campaign, launched in early 2016, provides professional development around the creation of rigorous and engaging unit plans.  Over 130 educators from K-2, 3-5 and Secondary levels attend day-long workshops each month followed by 1/2 day planning sessions to collaborate, plan and develop robust unit plans for their classrooms.


School and Classroom Support

Moonshot Collaborative and Documentation Classrooms

The Moonshot Collaborative and Documentation Classroom cohort, is made up of classrooms that exemplify the Qualities of a Moonshot Classroom.  These classrooms act as learning labs and are hubs of innovation where educators are able to put their professional development to practice. They are given access to extra resources, training and support. In turn, they agree to open their classrooms for observation, learning and documentation.

Moonshot Fundations Model Classrooms

Moonshot Fundations Model Classrooms serve to demonstrate and share best practices in foundational literacy instruction. Currently nine throughout the district, these K - 2 classrooms provide opportunities for educators to collaborate and support one another while building capacity for improved reading instruction.


School and Classroom Support

Volunteer Tutors in the Classroom 

In partnership with the School District of Indian River County, we train tutors to work one-on-one with our struggling readers in grades K - 3.  Shown below are examples of the training that is offered to our tutors.  If you are interested in becoming a classroom volunteer tutor, please contact Katie Sarbak at 877-548-7323 (READ.)

1. - Letter Naming
2. - Letter Keyword Sound
3. - Letter Formation
4. - Reading CVC Words
5. - Spelling CVC Words
6. - Practicing Trick Words

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