Emergent Learning is the Magic Sauce Driving Success in our Moonshot Community

Emergent Learning is the framework we use to work together on the complex social problem of early literacy.  It is our common language which speeds up our collaboration so we don't learn simply as individuals, but we come together to share our learnings and develop the solutions which will emerge from our work.  

Through emergent learning, we know that by sharing what we have learned as individuals with other people, then we are able to more rapidly accelerate our learning.  

There are three main practices within Emergent Learning which we use within our Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN) and each of our members has brought this back into their own organization as well.

Before we begin any initiative, we follow the practice to hold a BAR (Before Action Review) and after the event we ask the questions in a structured AAR (After Action Review.)  These tools help us to create clarity about our intentions, and to then reflect an

Framing Questions - What does it take to _______- in such a way that our desired outcome occurs?  For example, in our Moonshot Moment literacy movement, our framing question is "What does it take for 90% of 3rd graders to be reading on grade level such that we create literate, creative, compassionate citizens who will improve our world."  

An Emergent Learning Table makes an explicit cycle of learning where we collaboratively share our learning across organizations and communities, so we create these E.L. tables together affording us an opportunity to learn from one another.

View our explanatory video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AAQv0RjdZM

Emergent Learning is the Magic Sauce Driving Success in our Moonshot Community

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