Intro to Enriched Literacy

We live in an interdisciplinary world, and yet we continue to teach subjects in school as if we can isolate content areas from each other. Our Enriched Literacy Framework offers a comprehensive and integrated way to embrace cross-curriculum connections and give students opportunities to deepen learning. We do this by developing the social and emotional needs of students necessary to help them become available to learn, providing multi-sensory, direct and explicit instruction necessary to build foundational skills, and providing authentic, purposeful opportunities for students to apply what they learn. 

Literacy is the gateway to all learning and without strong foundational literacy skills, students will struggle to master academic content.  But we know it’s not enough simply to teach children how to read; without opportunities to apply their learning in relevant situations, students struggle to stay motivated and persist in their school work. We need them to develop the academic mindset that comes from finding authentic purpose in their learning experiences. We will bring text to life for students through hands-on, participatory learning, while intentionally building toward content knowledge acquisition and skill mastery. These skills include both academic and life competencies, like understanding how to write with a purpose, how to relate to informational text, how to collaborate on a project, how to think critically about important issues, and how to resolve conflict through effective communication. These strategies create an equitable learning environment by creating multiple and diverse ways for all students to participate successfully at a range of levels. By fostering a love of reading, and giving students the skills they need to be successful readers, we support the development of lifelong learners who have the ability and the drive to lead their own learning.


Intro to Enriched Literacy

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