Moonshot Reading Captains are our Front Line Champions of Literacy

Our Moonshot Reading Captains project kicked off in January, 2020, with our first group event to walk together in the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Gifford, FL.  We walked with The Learning Alliance’s Moonshot Moment Reading Rocket to show our support for the Moonshot Moment Litearcy Movement - working together for children to be ready for kindergarten and 90% reading on grade level by the end of third grade.  

One of the tools our Moonshot Reading Captains uses to champion literacy in their neighborhood is to give away books to children.  We set up TLA's Luna the Literacy RV in the picnic area to distribute free books and talk with the event attendees about the importance of reading and attending school.  

“We knew the launching of our Moonshot Reading Captains grassroots program had to paint a colorful picture of sights and sounds for the whole community to see as we marched in the parade,” said Margaret Ingram, MRC lead captain. “The MLK Parade was the opportune moment to spread our message as it was far-reaching and visionary.”

This visibility allowed the community to put a face to this grassroots program when we meet with them later during recruitment and our awareness campaign, according to Ingram. “The parade was a time when families came out for one focus: “REMEMBERING THE DREAM.” Just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for freedom for ALL and changed the mindset on equality for all in this Nation; We intend to change the mindset of Literacy in the community through the Moonshot Reading Captains program and bring freedom to our children through reading. Reading books opens up new worlds to children and allows them to escape to new places with all the thrills of a parade. Remember our slogan: 'Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.'”

The Learning Alliance is committed to creating a better tomorrow by taking a stand for our children today. By uniting an entire community to reimagine education, we are working together to cultivate literate, creative, and compassionate citizens who will improve our world.

Parents sat and read to their children in the reading corner and selected free books, candy and special wristbands emblazoned with our motto: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

“Having Luna stationed in the park for families to stop and get books for the children and themselves while enjoying the festivities was a bustling sight! We gave out hundreds of books that were age appropriate which also allowed us to talk to the families about the MRC Program coming soon to their neighborhood,” said Ingram.

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Moonshot Reading Captains are our Front Line Champions of Literacy

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