This is our moonshot mission...

“From Kindergarten through 3rd grade, a child learns to read, and thereafter, they read to learn.” -Ray Oglethorpe

Chairman of The Learning Alliance Board

Our Mission

To transform our community’s future and become a model for the nation by creating a culture in which 90% of our children read on grade level by the end of third grade.

Our Vision

For our children to become literate, compassionate, creative citizens who will improve our world.

Our Core Values


We believe that every child is one caring adult away from achieving their potential and that every adult understands they can make an impact.


We believe every child deserves a world-class education regardless of their circumstances.


We believe “one size fits no one” and that authentic and meaningful instruction is the pathway that inspires a child’s intellectual curiosity while building knowledge and teaching them basic reading and writing skills.


We believe that schools can’t do it alone and that a community’s health and economic success requires parent, community and school investment in early education.


We believe that transformation is a process that develops a learning culture characterized by positive mindset, civility, and kindness. It requires leadership that believes and strives for continuous improvement and the ability to move from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

The Learning Alliance and @SDIRC_SUP shine at the Department of Education’s 4th annual Summer Literacy Institute conference in Orlando.
Our teams shared the transformative impact the Moonshot Moment model for a public-private partnership has had on early literacy in our community


Drawing is a powerful way to learn—but teachers need to scaffold the process. By standing at the whiteboard and asking students clarifying questions, you can ensure they truly understand the material. 🖍️ 🤩

Learn more about the research here:

We are thrilled to announce that 5 of Youth Guidance’s spectacular students are participating in the Teachers in Training (TnT) program at the summer Moonshot Academy at @verobeachelem, a Moonshot School.

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OUr History

The Learning Alliance was founded on the premise that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and that literacy is the gateway to that success. Started in 2009, by two mothers and a philanthropist who realized the importance of literacy, The Learning Alliance set out to improve the social and economic welfare of our community by tackling the unacceptable literacy rate prevalent here and throughout the country. This movement, now comprised of an entire community, aims to achieve the audacious Moonshot Moment goal of 90% Literacy by the Third Grade. While our journey to student-centered literacy education began with a moral belief that no child should have to suffer with reading and learning, we soon realized this was also an economic imperative.
This Year: The Moonshot School Opens

The Moonshot School launched this fall at Vero Beach Elementary (VBE), one of our highest-needs schools. While VBE students are some of the most economically challenged students in our community, we know that if we can achieve 90% literacy there, we can achieve it anywhere. 

Faces Campaign

The Learning Alliance’s 2022 Moonshot Moment Campaign, “Faces of Early Literacy: Today’s Readers are Tomorrow’s Leaders” features large black and white posters of Indian River County children in hopes of generating conversations about literacy. These giant posters are part of a temporary art exhibit inspired by the global “Inside Out” art project featured on a 2011 TED Talk.

Moonshot Families is Born

In 2022 we rebranded and reimagined Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative as Moonshot Families Early Learning.

Meet the Puppets





Moonshot the Puppet, along with a few friends, appeared in classrooms, living rooms and throughout the community to continue teaching students virtually as we journey though the COVID-19 pandemic.

Merging Our Communities





On April 1, 2020, TLA acquired Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative (KRC), expanding our reach to 0-5 year olds.

Additional Professional Development





Launched AIM Pathways PD






  • Expanded MSA to 8 campuses
  • Expanded 3GI to 12 campuses
  • Added K-2 Coaches on 4 campuses
Launched Moonshot Monday's Professional Learning Community (PLC)





Launched Moonshot Monday's PLC

Added Third Grade Interventionists (3GI) on 5 campuses





Added Third Grade Interventionists onto 5 campuses

Children Services Advisory Council awarded More Millage





CSAC awarded More Millage

Unit Planning (UP) Campaign Launched with SDIRC





UP Campaign Launched with SDIRC

Moonshot Summer Teacher Institute Launched





MSI Summer Teacher Institute Launched

Blast off into Reading!





Team TLA launched the Moonshot Bookmobile to make literacy more accessible all around Indian River County. The Bookmobile gifts free books for all kids.

Moonshot Academy launched on school campuses





Moonshot Academy launched on school campuses

Conscious Discipline introduced at Indian River Academy





Conscious Discipline introduced at Indian River Academy

PACESETTER Award Winning Programs





Since 2012, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading has recognized our Moonshot Moment movement as a Pacesetter and BrightSpot for our collaborative work toward the 90% literacy goal.

Summer 2012
Set Moonshot Moment Goal





The Learning Alliance's Moonshot Goal of 90% literacy by the end of third grade was created.

Literacy Leaders / Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN) created





Literacy Leaders / MCAN created

Fall 2010
Fundations program is in 3 out of 13 schools





Fundations program is in 3 out of 13 schools

The Beginning...





  • Sonday introduced into schools
  • Master Coach Training Initiated
  • Moonshot Academy started at Gifford Youth Achievement Center (GYAC)