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August 30, 2021
Dear Friends of TLA,

We hope that you have had a fantastic summer so far! In Indian River County, school has been back in session for about three weeks. There is still a lot of uncertainty that lies among us in regards to the continuous spread of COVID and its Delta variant, especially in schools. One thing that we are certain of, however, is that our work and our mission of achieving 90% literacy by the end of third grade is more important than ever. We are still fighting against the learning loss that occurred last school year in addition to the summer slide. For The Learning Alliance, this meant a very busy yet very productive and rewarding summer, and we are feeling optimistic about the impact we are having on the children who need our help.

Recently, we have received some data from our summer Moonshot Academy, and we are very excited to share some of those numbers with you today!
This summer, Moonshot Academy
served 167 rising 1st through 3rd graders reading below the 50th percentile. 137 students received small group instruction on campus, and 30 received 1:1 online instruction.

The average vocabulary scores of participating 1st graders increased from 41% on pre-assessments to 94% on post-assessments! First grade students also showed great reading growth using the Sonday system, increasing by anywhere from 1 to 13 levels.

The average vocabulary scores for 2nd graders increased from 55% on pre-assessments to 85% on post-assessments. They also demonstrated lots of reading growth, increasing by 1 to 15 levels!

Our 3rd graders improved their average vocabulary scores as well! Their scores increased from 41% to 73%. Additionally, like their younger peers, they showed impressive reading growth as well– they increased by 1 to 19 levels!
We are so proud of our MSA students and extremely thankful for all of the educators who make this program possible. In the next couple of months, we will begin our fall Moonshot Academy and look forward to more great data in the future!

Barbara Hammond
CEO & TLA Co-Founder

A Note on Stock Donations From the Treasurer of our Board of Directors, Andy Sowers

As the stock market continues to make new all time highs, we thought it might be helpful to remind our generous Learning Alliance friends of the benefits of making a donation by transferring appreciated stock from a taxable account to The Learning Alliance account.

When a donor transfers a stock held for more than one year, the Charitable Organization receives 100% of the average value of the security on the date of transfer. The donor captures 100% of that value as a tax deduction and pays no long term capital gains tax as they would if the security were simply sold.

A quick example: I donate 100 shares of a stock that I paid $50/share for, which is valued today at $100/share. The Learning Alliance receives a $10,000 donation. I receive a $10,000 charitable tax deduction and I do not have to pay a capital gains tax on the $5,000 of appreciation in the position.

If you are interested in donating stock to The Learning Alliance, please click here for instructions.

Best to all,