Moonshot Moment

What is the Moonshot Moment?

The Moonshot Moment Goal, set in 2012, was a call to action which spawned a community wide journey to figure out what it takes to have 90% of children reading on grade level by third grade.  It is a timeless promise to nurture literate, compassionate and creative citizens who will improve our world. It is a catalyst to build a Moonshot Community which is taking a stand for our children.

We have learned that there is no blueprint for what we have set out to accomplish; no silver bullet to ensure the social and economic well-being of our community. We have learned that collaboration and a clear vision is imperative to our success.  Using our Moonshot Transformation Process or MTP, we are rewriting the future of our community. This process is how our Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN), is finding solutions to improve education. In 2016 we launched the MTP Leadership Development training to leaders within our county and beyond who want to learn the disciplines and practices to build and lead innovative, collaborative learning teams. 

Moonshot Community Action Network - September 2016

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